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Privacy Statement

Escort Connection takes your privacy very seriously, and recognize the importance of maintaining your privacy as the cornerstone of our business' success. When you become a member, you have voluntarily disclose your Confidential Information and you give your consent for Naughty And Nice Reviews to maintain and use your information as laid out in this policy.

CLIENTS: When you sign up for a Client membership, Escort Connection often collects some personal information for verification purposes, such as: full name, e-mail address, telephone number, website URL, etc. Your Confidential Information that was collected during the verification process is deleted and destroyed once the verification process is completed. The information we keep at the point of activation is client ID, Email Address, Username and Phone Number.

PROVIDERS: When you sign up for an account, Escort Connection requires images of you along with your Government Identification to prove that you are over the age of 18. These images are kept as encrypted data to ensure that Provider accounts are not shared with anyone other than the account holder. We also require personal information for verification purposes, such as: Full Name, E-mail Address, Telephone Number, Website URL, Username, etc.

COMMUNICATIONS: All communications made through this website are kept on a secured encrypted server located Offshore.

TRAFFIC DATA: The operators of this website collects traffic data that does not personally identify you, including IP addresses, geo-data, browser type, referral urls, etc.

HOW WE USE YOUR INFORMATION: Your client ID or Username is required to log in and use the website. Your email address is used to receive renewal reminders and important service related correspondence. If you do not wish to provide a working email address or do not wish to receive communications from Naughty And Nice Reviews or its members via email, please do not sign up. We also use all information collected to actively seek out unfavorable, fraudulent or illegal activity as well as any activity that violates our Terms & Conditions

INFORMATION SHARING: We will never share your information, except in the following limited ways:

If we believe disclosure is necessary for the safety of Escort Connection and/or its members

If we feel it is necessary to take action regarding suspected unfavorable, fraudulent or criminal activity

With your consent

In addition, any information you choose to disclose to other members on your profile, via Instant Message or any other avenue could be collected and used by those other members. Information shared with other members should be information you would be comfortable sharing with the general public. Do not share anything with other members that specifically identify you, your location, or anything that you wish to remain private.

PAYMENT INFORMATION: All payments are made via Bitcoin which are transferred directly via third party processors. All payments are encrypted and not traceable. We offer options for you to utilize Pre-Paid Cards to purchase Bitcoin and then utilize our Payment Gateway to execute payment for Memberships and/or Advertising.

WEBSITE ENCRYPTION: The entire Naughty And Nice Reviews site is an encrypted secured platform based Offshore in the Netherlands by using 128 bit SSL technology. The server has multiple back up platforms to ensure top security.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS: We do not automatically renew any memberships and there is no need to cancel your membership to ensure you will not be charged again. When your membership is about to expire, you will receive email notifications and can decide if, and how, you wish to pay to renew your membership.

REFUND POLICY: In the event you believe you are entitled to a refund, please contact our Customer Service Department via Email at [email protected]