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About Us

Escort Connection is the premiere destination featuring adult entertainment. We are setting new standards for Adult On-Line entertainment Venues. We host Provider & Client Reviews, Provide Advertising Portals for Providers and Including a Search Feature to Connect Providers to Clients Along with Client Verification Reference Tools for Providers.

This site is purely for entertainment purposes and we imply nothing else. The site restricts inappropriate content, however, it does feature reviews with links to pages that may host various adult content. This site does contain explicit language, due to these points; we must insist that you need to be of a legal age to view pornographic material. The reviews contained in this site are in no manner intended to appeal to the prurient interest of the average person, applying contemporary community standards. The language contained in this site is in no manner intended to depict or describe in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct specifically defined by any applicable law. This site is not intended for solicitation. We are not associated with anybody advertised or reviewed on this site. We do not receive any financial compensation from any of the Providers.